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Waste & Recycling Services Near Mansfield, OH

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The Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield, Ohio

The Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield, Ohio

The city of Mansfield, OH, and Richland County have relied on Rumpke since 2009 to keep the city clean with its waste and recycling needs. From Mid-Ohio to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, it's our goal to keep Mansfield's attractions, community, and businesses clean with our waste and recycling services.

With Rumpke, you can trust that we provide a dependable trash service with weekly pickups in Mansfield. We’re committed to keeping your property clean and free of waste—we know how important it is to keep our neighborhoods safe for kids and animals alike.

Locations Near Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield District Offices & Hauling Operation

2175 Stiving Rd., Mansfield, Ohio 44903

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: (800)828-8171


Noble Road Landfill

170 Noble Rd. E., Shiloh, Ohio 44878

We offer tours!

Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Phone: (800)828-8171


Richland County Transfer and Recycling Facility

621 Newman Street, Mansfield, Ohio 44902

Monday – Friday 6:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Phone: (800)828-8171


Services Offered in Mansfield, OH

As stewards of a healthy ecosystem, Rumpke makes trash removal a top priority in Mansfield. We strive to create a sanitary and stress-free waste removal system that’s easily managed by residents across the city of Mansfield. Sign up for services below.

Residential Trash Pickup

Rumpke is proud to offer curbside recycling services to residents of Mansfield. Rather than meticulously sorting all your recyclables, we’ll do the hard work for you. Place all recyclable materials into your dedicated bin and our professionals at the Rumpke facility in Mansfield will take care of the rest.

Please educate yourself about what’s considered recyclable. You can read a comprehensive list of what can be recycled and what should be thrown in the garbage by reviewing Rumpke’s recycling guidelines. Learn more below.

Residential Recycling

As a business owner, it’s important to save your mental energy for the important tasks and leave the waste management to us. We are professionals at helping commercial customers manage solid waste removal and clean up. With our commercial services, your waste and recycling plan will be tailored for your business at competitive pricing. Get started today and click below.

Commercial Trash Pickup

We’re happy to offer recycling services to all our local business owners in Mansfield. Sorting out your recyclables is time-consuming and messy, so let us do the hard work. Our single-stream process means you can toss all your recyclables into the same bin and we’ll do the sorting for you.

We also perform recycle audits for companies to determine the right size bin and service for your business. We can advise you on what materials can and can’t be recycled, based on the type of items you use for your business.

Keeping recycled items out of landfills is important to Rumpke, and we can help you work toward a cleaner Richland County. Start with our services by clicking below.

Commercial Recycling

When your regular garbage bin can’t handle excess waste, Rumpke can help you haul your junk away with roll off dumpster rentals. Dumpsters are available for both residences and businesses and come in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. Click below and we’ll take the guesswork out of the process and ensure you’re following proper guidelines. 

Dumpster Rentals

Rumpke services local businesses in all major sectors and industries throughout the area. At Rumpke, we’re dedicated to ensuring your business maintains compliance while delivering exceptional waste and recycling solutions. With over 90 years of experience, you can let us take care of the waste and recycling needs of your business while you focus on the rest.

Click on Industry Solutions below to find your industry and get started today.

Industry Solutions

Schedule a waste and recycling audit and our Sustainability & Diversion team will sort your waste material into different categories to determine the quantity of each material in your waste stream. This gives baseline information that allows to us to create a customized waste and recycling program to your specific business needs.

Click below to schedule and learn more.

Waste & Recycling Audit

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to set up your Mansfield, OH home or business with services from the hometown leader in waste and recycling.