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Proper Waste Disposal

Rumpke operates a network of regional municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris landfills. These sites are designed and operated to protect and preserve the environment from society’s waste. However, these sites aren’t designed to be able to take all waste streams. Before tossing items into your trash cart or dumpster, it is important to understand what items need special handling.

Paint thinners, pool chemicals cleaners, oils, batteries and pesticides are considered as household hazardous waste and can’t be disposed of with your normal trash. For disposal options, contact your local solid waste district.

Batteries should never be placed in recycling carts. Only alkaline batteries are permitted to be disposed of in curbside trash programs. All other batteries must be taken to specialized recyclers. Contact your solid waste district for options.

Federal law prevents the disposal of tires in landfills. Often, tire stores will accept tires for recycling collection. Contact your local solid waste district for additional options.

If you plan to dispose of needles in your trash, please place in a hard rigid container with sharps clearly written on the container. The container should also have a lid attached and sealed with tape.

Heavy, bulky construction materials aren’t accepted curbside. Construction materials can be disposed of through the use of an open-top dumpster rental or taken directly to our locations.

In many locations, items like furniture, appliances, and small electronics can be accepted curbside if properly prepared and advanced notification provided.

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