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Rumpke Recycling Truck Dropping Off Recyclables At Recycling Facility Recyclables Dropped Off At Rumpke Material Recycling Facility

Rumpke's Recycling Process

Rumpke Recycling Process Recovering Recyclable Materials

In an era where the world is generating an increasing amount of waste, recycling is more important than ever. At Rumpke Waste & Recycling, we are committed to providing high-quality and sustainable solutions to meet your business and residential recycling needs. Our recycling process drives more sustainability by recovering recyclable materials and diverting them from landfills.

Recyclables Being Collected For Rumpke's Recycling ProcessRumpke offers a variety of recycling dumpsters, containers, and bins to optimize both residential and commercial recycling management. Once provided, we will schedule a date and time for collection. Be sure to place acceptable items into recycling. Rumpke has about 1,900 vehicles on the road each day dedicated to efficient collection processes. On the scheduled date, one of our vehicles will arrive and take your recycling items back to our recycling facility.

Recyclables Dropped Off For Rumpke's Recycling ProcessAfter collecting recyclables through our pickup or drop-off services, we take them to our recycling facility, also known as a Material Recovery Facility (MRF). At the facility, the recyclables travel through various conveyor belts where they are sorted and baled according to type. 

Rumpke Sorting Process At Material Recovery FacilityThe sorting process begins with disc screeners separating paper items from metals and plastics. The facility uses eddy currents and electromagnets to remove aluminum and steel cans from the mix of recyclables.

Recyclables Moving Through Rumpke Single Stream Recycling ProcessRumpke’s recycling facilities are equipped with advanced technology and equipment, making it possible to sort 30-60 tons of recyclable materials per hour. We operate a single-stream recycling program that allows recyclables to be mixed in a single container. Single-stream recycling benefits our customers by allowing them to mix all accepted recyclables in a single container for collection by a single truck. As a result, more people can take part in the recycling effort.

Optical Scanners For Rumpke's Recycling ProcessRumpke uses optical scanners to remove cartons and plastics. These scanners have infrared light that senses the materials and removes them from conveyor belts with a shot of air. Rumpke is also introducing AI technology at some recycling facilities, where robotic arms use machine learning to remove items from the recycling mix.

Bales Of Recyclables Ready For End UsersAfter sorting the materials into different types, they're compacted into bales. Once the recyclables are compacted into bales, we sell them to manufacturers who use them in their production processes. These manufacturers then use the recycled material to manufacture new products. From there, the new products will be sold to distributors and retailers, who eventually make them available to you as end users. 

Rumpke Education

Interested in learning more about what happens to your waste or recyclables? Click below to explore Rumpke's educational opportunities and learn more about this very important yet fascinating industry.