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Green Rumpke Recycling Container Inside Sports Facility 1 Green Rumpke Recycling Container Inside Sports Facility

Sports & Fitness Waste Solutions

Find Services and Information for Your Location

Rumpke offers exclusive waste and recycling services to our local sports and recreation centers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and parts of West Virginia. Sports facilities and recreation centers are all about promoting people's health and well-being - so let us help you by taking care of your waste and recycling needs. 

Services We Offer

Rumpke offers a range of services specifically tailored to the needs of gyms, fitness facilities and recreation centers. We work with many single-location gyms, as well as regional and multi-location facilities. As a private business, Rumpke understands the importance of customized solutions: we promise that our services are as flexible as possible to accommodate the unique needs of your facility.

We offer regular trash collection and pickup services to keep your facility free from waste. Whether you run a small gym or a large rec center, our collection services exist to meet your needs.

We can handle the pickup of all types of waste, including paper trash generated from administrative functions, sporting events, concession stands, holiday programs, festivities, and more. Whatever the situation - we can customize our trash collection and pickup services to best meet your facility's needs.

Trash Collection & Pickup

At Rumpke, we want to divert as much waste from our landfills as possible, making our recycling efforts an essential part of every waste disposal plan for gyms and rec centers. We are truly dedicated to help your facility save money and conserve resources for future generations. 

We offer recycling containers in different sizes where you can place acceptable recyclables, such as plastic bottles, office paper, junk mail cartons, aluminum cans, and more. The recycling containers include rolling carts for low recyclable volumes, large recycling bins of up to eight yards, deskside recycling bins, and Gaylord boxes. 

Since we run a single-stream recycling program, you don’t need to sort the items.

Commercial Recycling

Large items can pose a challenge for gyms and rec facilities. Depending on your location, we offer large item pickup in order to help manage bulky items such as broken exercise machines, furniture, treadmills or other heavy equipment. With our fleet of trucks and specialist personnel, we can pick up these items quickly and safely so that they don't have to sit around and take up your valuable space. 

This service option might be included with your standard waste services depending on your location. Contact us to find out if you qualify.

Bulk Item Pickup

If your gym or sports facility generates a large amount of waste, Rumpke can provide roll off dumpsters to accommodate your needs. With a wide range of capacities, you can be sure to find the perfect size container for your facility. 

Explore our range of roll off dumpsters by clicking below and let our experts help select what’s right for you.

Dumpster Rental

For sports facilities and recreation centers with large volumes of waste, compactor rentals can be an excellent way to manage your waste, especially if the amount of space is limited. Compactors are also a great solution to prevent scavenging, litter, and odor.

With our hydraulic and machining services, the quality and performance of our compactors are guaranteed. Our compactors have programmable controls to facilitate easy operations, and our certified technicians are available for installation, repairs, maintenance services, and training. 

Click below and let us help you select the best design to suit your compacting needs.

Compactor Rental

Managing your waste involves more than just placing trash into the right bin; it involves understanding the overall waste stream in your facility to identify areas where you can make improvements and save money.

That’s why we offer waste and recycling audits to evaluate your facility’s current waste management system and develop improvements for the future. Our Sustainability & Diversion specialists are dedicated to providing full-scale waste audits and baseline analyses to empower you to make data-driven decisions about sustainability.

Waste & Recycling Audit

Let Rumpke Handle Your Waste & Recycling Needs

Don't let your waste and recycling needs overwhelm you and slow down the upkeep of your business. Sports facilities and recreation centers are essential for the health of our local communities, so let us help you provide the best service for your customers. 

Contact us today to talk with our experts about your waste needs and concerns. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and guide you on the right path to sustainability.