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Recycling for Municipalities

For more than 90 years, our family company has been providing the essential service of waste and recycling collection and disposal. Our reputation for providing a high level of customer service has allowed our business to continue to grow. We currently service nearly 500 municipal contracts throughout our four-state service footprint.

Recycling Options

Your residents want friendly, dependable service, and that is what Rumpke delivers. Whether you are a village of 50 or a city of 200,000, Rumpke can help customize a plan to meet your community’s needs and budget. We offer 95-gallon trash carts, large item collection and much more.

Local governments who have construction projects or need to do large-scale cleanouts of municipal facilities can rent open-top dumpsters directly from Rumpke. Dumpster rentals from Rumpke come in multiple sizes, giving municipalities options that fit their needs.

Recycling for Municipalities FAQs

A large part of any municipal waste management plan should be recycling activities and waste reduction efforts. One way many local governments are reducing waste is simply by providing public education, specifically recycling education, to help the citizens understand their impact and what actions they can take to make a difference in waste production.

Another big way to minimize municipal waste is to make recycling incredibly easy for citizens and companies within your local community. Working with a company like Rumpke makes waste recycling activities easy and simple thanks to our single stream recycling facilities. 

Rumpke accepts a wide variety of common household items in its recycling programs including bottles, cans, cups, cartons, and jars as well as paper and cardboard. Visit our acceptable items page to learn more about what items can be recycled. 

Rumpke has been a trusted, family-owned waste management company for nearly 100 years and has an incredible track record of customer service and satisfaction. The team at Rumpke works with you to figure out your municipalities’ exact recycling needs and creates a custom, competitive quote accordingly.

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