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Rumpke Waste And Recycling Solutions For Restaurants Rumpke Waste And Recycling Solutions For Restaurants 1

Waste & Recycling Solutions for Restaurants

Find Services and Information for Your Location

Food establishments across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia count on us when it comes to developing a plan for reliable waste and recycling restaurant solutions. 

Restaurant customers and employees deserve a sanitary environment. That’s why Rumpke prides itself on helping restaurant owners and managers maintain a clean and sanitary environment by providing reliable waste removal services. 

Custom Restaurant Solutions

✔️ Custom solutions for managing food scraps, solid waste, and recycling from restaurants, cafes, diners and coffee shops.  

✔️ Trash collection schedule that accommodates all hours of operation. 

✔️ Cost-effective plan for your business. We assess your needs and waste stream to optimize your disposal process.

Waste Disposal is Serious Business for Restaurants

Restaurant owners have a lot on their plates. In addition to managing staff and their kitchens, they need a reliable plan to handle food waste to prevent pests and maintain a healthy environment. That’s where waste collection companies like Rumpke come in. Commercial trash pickup makes it possible for your business to maintain a clean and safe atmosphere for both employees and customers.  

From choosing the ideal dumpster size for your needs to creating a trash pickup schedule that works for your restaurant, we’re dedicated to helping restaurants both big and small manage their waste.  

When you get in touch with our team, we’ll discuss your restaurant goals and the best sizes for your trash receptacles. And with a regular pick-up schedule, you can ensure all waste is removed quickly on your scheduled collection day.  

Best Practices for Reducing Restaurant Waste

Restaurants have many opportunities to reduce their overall waste and recycle more. Some of the best practices for reducing restaurant waste are to: 

  • Implement policies to increase the number of reusable and recyclable items.
  • Find opportunities to compost. 
  • Improve your inventories to reduce waste and optimize profits. 

Working to improve sustainability often pays off big. Rumpke can help you customize a recycling program that addresses the needs of your business.  

Restaurant Waste Solutions FAQ

Pricing for waste collection can vary based on the type of restaurant, size of restaurant, volume of trash and recycling produced, number of locations, dumpster sizes and pickup frequency.  

Rumpke offers a wide variety of commercial dumpster sizes (measured in cubic yards). Common sizes for restaurants include: 

  • 2-yard dumpster 
  • 4-yard dumpster 
  • 6-yard dumpster 
  • 8-yard dumpster 
  • 10-yard dumpster  

Rumpke will work with restaurant owners to determine the best placement of dumpsters at your location, along with any corral enclosure needs. 

Restaurants already accumulate many recyclable materials, such as paper cups, plastic cups, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, glass bottles and jars, and cardboard.  

Customers are increasingly supportive of changes that can help reduce their overall carbon footprint. Restaurants who use reusable serving utensils or have separate trash bins and recycling containers marked with clear signage can easily make a difference in the waste stream. 

We can help you learn more about acceptable items for recycling. 

Yes, Rumpke works with hundreds of restaurant franchises and chains throughout its service territory. We recognize the importance of creating a comprehensive waste and recycling program to meet the needs of multiple locations.  

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