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Industrial Waste Solutions

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As the nation’s third largest privately owned waste company, we have the expertise, environmentally sound facilities and the equipment to properly dispose of industrial waste and special waste, including contaminated soil, sludge, foundry sand, non-toxic fly ash and non-friable asbestos. Our team will perform a waste audit as well as waste characterization to determine the best disposal options for your facility. 

In addition to disposal service, Rumpke can handle transporting your industrial material to our sites. Rumpke can transport both bulk waste material and drum shipments. Handling these materials properly is crucial for protecting the environment and public health. Hiring a qualified, experienced industrial waste management company to provide such services is of the utmost importance. With our decades of experience serving customers in this capacity, you can trust us to get the job done right. 

Why Having a Plan Matters

Industrial waste disposal should be one of your company’s top priorities for a number of reasons. Keeping your team of workers is important. Waste also may be subject to environmental regulations, and Rumpke will ensure compliance with all rules and guidelines by providing proper handling and disposal. Additionally, we will help you serve as a good neighbor by implementing an effective plan for handling and disposing of such materials. 

Why Use Rumpke?

Dependable Pickup Schedules

Our reliable service is why millions of customers and 60,000 businesses use Rumpke to manage their waste stream.

Wide Variety of Services

We have a wide range of capabilities and equipment to handle your needs, no matter how extensive or minimal they may be.

Customized Service and Competitive Pricing

After nearly 100 years in business, Rumpke knows how to serve your waste and recycling needs at competitive prices.

Environmentally Responsible

Rumpke’s network of award-winning landfills and recycling facilities are designed to protect the environment and public health.

Advanced Technology and Innovative Strategies

Since the beginning, Rumpke has grown by looking for new and innovative ways to deal with our region's waste stream.

Professional, Dedicated Teams

Rumpke’s team of nearly 4,000 team members are dedicated to delivering exceptional service while providing essential and reliable services to our customers.

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