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National Accounts

Trucks Fueling For National Waste And Recycling Services

The William-Thomas Group makes coordinating waste, recycling and sustainability services for your business locations easy and cost-effective. The best part—you can monitor services, prices, billing, materials, collection performance and all data relating to waste, recycling and sustainability services from one online portal.

You will get one point of contact and one invoice designed to save your business time and money.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is the delivery of waste, recycling, and sustainability solutions that achieve your goals. The William-Thomas Group takes time to learn about each customer’s needs and then deliver a team of vendors capable of not just performing the service, but exceeding expectations with customized options, real-time data on pricing and service and recommendations and programs to help reach specific sustainability objectives. 

How We Do It

Simple, The William-Thomas Group has well-established network of thousands of quality service providers located closest to each of your business locations. Our experts assess each of your locations’ needs, compile requests for proposals, assess the bids, finalize pricing and contracts and provide you consolidated billing and access to all your service details in one place.

Why We’re The Best

It’s in our blood. The William-Thomas Group is owned by the same family as Rumpke Waste & Recycling, one of the largest waste and recycling firms in North America. Our family-owned company has been in business for 90 years, we service nearly 2 million accounts across four states while operating several landfills and some of the largest recycling systems in the country. This intricate understanding of all sides of the business, provides The William-Thomas Group with a unique ability and familiarity to identify only the best service providers at the best prices.

Our Services

Online Services

The William-Thomas Group’s online system allows customers to view tonnage reports, services and billing information for each location as well as request additional pickups.

In-Plant Services

Focus on your widgets and not your waste. The William-Thomas Group can help manage your waste and recycling program from the inside out. With our in-plant services, the William-Thomas Group handles all the rental equipment, labor and onsite management of your facility’s waste and recycling program.

Waste Analysis

Our waste analysis is like dumpster diving. We look through your waste stream and determine what items can be diverted through various recycling programs. The waste analysis will also provide your facility with a baseline for developing your site’s sustainability initiatives and goals.

Consulting Services

Do you have a lofty sustainability goal but you are not sure how to go about achieving it? The William-Thomas Group can help. Our team of experts can visit your facilities to help you determine where to start. We will look at your waste stream and determine what can be recovered and recycled. We will help you determine what type of containers are needed internally for employees and externally for collection, and we will do all of this with your budget in mind.

Sustainability Services

The William-Thomas Group can help your company or facility develop a sustainability program with our consulting services and even help you recover the material through our in-plant services using various progressive recycling options and techniques including supplementing feedstock, composting, energy-from-waste in addition to more traditional recycling methods.

Ready to Get Started?

Request nationwide service below and our experts will assist with your company's waste and recycling needs anywhere in the U.S.