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Compacted Metal Cans And Various Metals For Rumpke Recycling Services Compacted Metal Cans And Various Metals For Rumpke Recycling 1

Metal Recycling

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Metal Can And Cup For Rumpke Acceptable Metal Items

Recycling has many benefits including conserving natural resources, saving energy costs and diverting waste from our landfills, extending their use for items that can’t be recycled.

Residents and businesses can recycle metal cans and aluminum cans and cups in our curbside and dumpster recycling programs. Rumpke works to make recycling easy with our single stream recycling programs, meaning all accepted recyclables can go into one container – no separation necessary.

Commercial businesses with large amounts of other types of metals, can contact our Sustainability & Diversion Team to learn how we might be able to assist.

Metal Recycling Tips

At Rumpke, we make metal recycling at your home as straightforward as possible. Here are some general tips to ensure you maximize your recycling efforts:

  • Go ahead and mix all your items together. Our advanced systems will do the separation for you.
  • Please empty metal containers and rinse them if possible, so no foods or liquids enter our systems.
  • There is no need to remove labels.
  • Please do not put your metal into plastic bags. It’s okay to put them into your bin without separation.
  • If the lid is metal, leave it on – if not, remove it.

Metal Recycling Options

Our single-stream recycling program makes it much easier for you to manage recycled waste such as metals, glass, and plastics. Let us worry about sorting your waste so you don't have to.


For local homeowners, most municipalities are eligible for residential pickup. You can also bring materials and recyclable glass to a designated drop-off location in your community. Click below to learn more about our residential recycling services and get started.


Rumpke works directly with businesses to ensure timely and efficient metal recycling services. We offer everything from curbside pickup for small volumes to dumpster and compactor rentals for larger volume waste streams. Click below to learn more about our commercial recycling services and get started.

Recycling Audits

We are happy to perform a waste and recycling audit for our commercial customers needing a more robust solution to metal recycling. Click below and schedule your waste and recycling audit with Rumpke, today!

Metal Recycling FAQ

Rumpke accepts metal cans as well as aluminum cans and cups. All items should be empty, clean, and placed in recycling containers loose.

No! Metal hangers can easily separate and become dangerous to our processing equipment. This can lead to downtime and hazardous working environments for our technicians.

Yes! Please attach them or place inside the metal container. Metal lids that come on glass containers should be removed from the glass jar.

This will depend on the type of metal you wish to recycle. Rumpke accepts metal cans and aluminum soda cans and cups in its recycling programs. Other types of metal can be recycled at a specialty metal recycler. Contact your local solid waste district for options near you.

Questions? Contact our team

  • Food cans that have been rinsed and emptied
  • Aluminum soda cans
  • Steel cans
  • Empty aerosol cans with the lids and tips removed
  • Metal lids. For glass jars - if the lid is metal take it off of the jar.

Rumpke accepts cans and cups from its customers, but cannot accept any other metals.

Recycling Education

Interested in educating yourself further on waste and recycling processes? Click below and continue learning! At Rumpke, we believe educating our community is the key to working together for a sustainable future.

You can even contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns about Rumpke's recycling services.