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Trash & Recycling in Brown County, IN

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Residents and businesses in Brown County, IN, recognize the significance of efficient trash and recycling services in maintaining a pristine community and fostering environmental sustainability. Rumpke, a distinguished name in the waste industry, offers comprehensive solutions to address the diverse trash and recycling needs of the area, no matter if you're located in Nashville, Cordry Sweetwater Lakes, or Gnaw Bone. Join us as we explore the services Rumpke provides and may be available at your Brown County, IN, address.

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Locations Near Brown County, IN

Rumpke Truck Lifting Dumpster For Tourism Waste Recycling Services 1

Columbus, Indiana District Office

1950 Tellman Rd, Columbus, IN 47201

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: (800) 828-8171


Rumpke - Monroe County Resource Recovery Facility

5220 S Production Dr
Bloomington, IN, 47403

Monday – Friday 6 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Phone: (800) 828-8171

Rumpke - Bartholomew County Landfill

811 East County Rd. 450 South
Columbus, IN 47201

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Phone: (800) 828-8172

Services Offered in Brown County, IN

Rumpke ensures that your household waste is effectively collected and disposed of, minimizing environmental consequences and keeping neighborhoods tidy. With reliable curbside trash pickup services, you can trust that your trash is managed in an environmentally conscious manner.

Yard Waste Pickup

Rumpke's yard waste pickup solutions take the hassle out of seasonal or regular yard upkeep. With this service, homeowners can easily keep their outdoor spaces pristine without the added concern of organic waste disposal.

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Residential Trash Pickup

Championing Brown County's dedication to sustainability, Rumpke's residential recycling program aids in minimizing waste sent to landfills and preserving natural resources. Inquire with Rumpke for recycling guidelines and service availability in your area.

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Residential Recycling

Rumpke recognizes that the trash and recycling needs of businesses are unique. Catering to companies of all sizes, we ensure that commercial spaces in Brown County stay pristine with our commercial trash pickup services.

Waste Analysis

When a business begins service, we frequently dispatch a representative to conduct a waste analysis and facility tour. This helps us understand the business's needs, allowing us to advise on the appropriate equipment size. Furthermore, it can assist us in developing a placement and collection plan tailored specifically to the business.

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Commercial Trash Pickup

Businesses in Brown County can minimize their environmental footprint and comply with regulations, fostering a culture of sustainability, with the help of Rumpke's commercial recycling services, which handle everything from office paper to commercial packaging.

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Commercial Recycling Services

Whether you're embarking on a garage cleanout, overseeing a renovation, or managing a construction site, Rumpke's roll off dumpster rental services, offered in different sizes, provide an effective solution for containing and disposing of significant amounts of waste.

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Dumpster Rentals

For businesses looking to optimize time and cost savings, renting a Rumpke trash compactor might be the best solution. Our trash compaction system streamlines waste management processes and minimizes expenses.

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Compactor Rentals

Rumpke's safe, engineered landfills prioritize environmental protection while providing a reliable solution for waste disposal. Moreover, refuse and recycling can be dropped off at several of our transfer station facilities, where we take responsibility for sorting and processing the materials.

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Find a Facility

Rumpke's portable restroom rental service guarantees user satisfaction through high standards of cleanliness and service, providing a convenient hygiene solution for events, construction sites, or any outdoor need.


Rumpke Portable Restroom Rentals provides a wide range of portable restroom solutions for job sites and special events, featuring:

Rental rates vary by unit type and rental duration, emphasizing eco-friendly practices across our services.

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Portable Restroom Rental

Rumpke has trash and recycling solutions customized for specific industries:

  • Office
  • Construction & Demolition
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Restaurants
  • Communities, Municipalities & Public Sector
  • Education & Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Tourism
  • Warehouse & Logistics
  • and more...

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Industry Solutions

Rumpke's services extend beyond waste management to include hydraulics and machining repair and distribution. Getting pre-fabricated parts or customized components is easy with Rumpke. Contact our service department, and we'll assist you in obtaining what you need.

Enter your address above to access a list of Rumpke services available in your area. For more information on managing your waste or to request any of Rumpke's trash and recycling services in Brown County, IN, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

With Rumpke's long-standing reputation for providing exceptional service and care for the environment, you can trust that your trash and recycling needs will be addressed in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

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Hydraulics & Machining

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